Ever experienced the unpleasant symptoms associated with lactose intolerance such as nausea, bloating, flatulence (gas), cramping and diarrhea? Want to enjoy the goodness of dairy and other foods without any discomfort?

DairyCare is the only natural digestive supplement that offers the ideal solution for lactose intolerance by providing 24 hours protection with no side effects. It is the only product that offers the convenience of a single dose daily, with 100% effectiveness throughout the day. DairyCare is fast acting, allowing consumers to enjoy the full health benefits of dairy after the first single dose. For more information, please go to About DairyCare.

Lactose intolerance is a common dietary condition that arises when the body does not make enough lactase enzymes, normally produced in the small intestine to digest foods containing a common sugar, lactose. This condition can be genetic or acquired throughout your lifetime, but usually becomes more common as you get older. For more information, please go to About Lactose Intolerance.


Dairy foods have been recognized as one of the five major food groups by health associations and medical institutions around the world. In fact, milk is regarded as a complete food because of its unique nutritional package that contains protein, carbohydrates, fat, and all the known vitamins and various minerals needed for maintaining a healthy body. Two to four servings of dairy per day are highly recommended for a healthy nutritional diet. For more information, please go to About Dairy.